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ECOC 2020 was 100% virtual - "from bricks to clicks”

ECOC 2020 was hosted in Belgium... but 100% virtual. Unfortunately you missed our local flavours, but we still offered you all the best of ECOC, including high-level plenary talks, tutorials, invited speakers and most of all... papers describing your own top-level research work and results.

So join us until 31 January 2021 to get access to all papers, pre-recorded presentations as well as recordings from all sessions.

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ECOC is the largest conference on optical communication in Europe, and one of the most respected and long-standing events of its kind in the world. ECOC 2020, from 6th – 10th December 2020, will be the 46th edition, which indicates the stability and the attractiveness of this conference as one of the world’s major events in the field, providing a prime forum for new developments and results in optical communication techniques and networks.

ECOC travels around Europe from year to year and now returns to the Benelux region. Alternating between the Netherlands and Belgium, ECOC 2020 will be back to Brussels ... but now 100% virtual. ECOC was here for the first time in 1995, marking the start of the link between a commercial exhibition and the conference and then back in 2008. In response to the increasing interest in the field of optical communications both in research and industry, the event has grown since then, both in size and importance and has successfully withstood the internet-bubble and the crisis in the telecommunication industry. Since a few years ECOC is again growing in size, importance and impact and ECOC 2020 will continue on this élan with even more exhibitors and papers from all over the world. ECOC 2020 is organised by IMEC, the Inter-university Microelectronics Center, a world-leading independent research center in nanoelectronics and digital technology.

People have always worked together by sharing information and knowledge through speech, writing, the printed word, telephony and broadcasting media and of course more recently the internet. Sharing information empowers individuals and communities, and enables whole societies to benefit from the experience of everyone within them and therefore communications are at the heart of human life and social development. Offering everybody this ability to communicate at all time and from everywhere is perhaps one of the most profound changes our civilization has gone through and the new applications that pop up every day on the internet, the eagerness of people to communicate to others in chat rooms, blogs, websites, photo & video-sharing and the explosion of (personal) data available is the obvious proof of it.

Optical communication forms the basis of this offer and the migration of fibre closer to the customer, everywhere in the world, often in combination with a wireless link for the last meters, is a clearly visible illustration. However to cope with the challenges of the evolution towards a peta-bytes network, new management structures, technologies, protocols, equipment, components,.. are required at every level and every place in the network. ECOC 2020 is the place to showcase these new evolutions in optical communications and to exchange new ideas, concepts and results amongst your peers.

The programme consists of a set of high-level plenary speakers, tutorials, invited papers, workshops, symposia, and most importantly, parallel sessions with your contributions, technical papers, demonstrations and posters. The programme highlights new breakthroughs in the field of optical communications in different areas such as: Fibres, Fibre Devices and Amplifiers, Waveguide and Optoelectronic Devices, Subsystems and Network Elements for Optical Networks, Transmission Systems, Backbone and Core Networks, Access and Local Area Networks.

On top of this, Brussels is home to the European Commission and the majority of the European Union’s Institutions, making it the bustling political heart of Europe and consequently also of the Horizon 2020 programme. ECOC 2020 includes several initiatives such as workshops, demo-sessions and events which will focus on and highlight the importance of the H2020 programme in the fields covered by ECOC.

As has been the case at ECOC 2018 and all even years, Brussels hosted a CLEO Focus Meeting within the ECOC 2020 programme.

We still hope, one time in the future, to welcome you to ECOC 20XX in Brussels - the Bustling Heart of Europe, well-known for its tradition of chocolates, beers, French fries, biscuits,…. with over 1,800 restaurants, trendy bars and taverns in the city centre. Brussels also hosts numerous museums exhibiting work from world-famous artists, from Magritte to Rubens. It is the city of Comic Strips and the World Capital of ‘Art Nouveau’, amongst other highlights thanks to Victor Horta. Brussels also hosts the headquarters of NATO, is home to over 1,200 NGOs and over 1,700 international associations. But now, let's keep safe and keep ECOC 2020 virtual.