ECOC is an annual conference devoted to optical communications and associated fields that provides a major international forum for the presentation, exchange and circulation of scientific and technical information on the progress of Research and Development in this field.
ECOC is managed by a European Management Committee (EMC) while the technical programme is decided by a Technical Programme Committee (TPC).
The conference is organised by a local Organising Committee (LOC).

The EMC members of each country nominates a number of experts in the fields covered by ECOC as representatives of their regions or countries. The number of nominations is at least the number of posisble members per region indiacted in the Terms of Reefenrce. Normally the TPC membership will not exceed 5 years usually. It is the responability of the TPC co-Chairs to make a final selections from the proposed representatives to provide a balanced coverage of the topics covered by ECOC.

Members of the ECOC 2020 TPC will be announced soon.