Educational Wordwide Lab Tour (Room A)

Tuesday 08 December 13:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 09 December 16:30 - 17:30

Fontaine, Nicolas (Nokia - US/Holmdel)
Fatima Gunning (Tyndall, Ireland)
Johan Bauwelinck (imec - Ghent University, Belgium)
Oded Raz (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a research lab looks like and how the scientists, researchers and engineers conduct experiments?

Come join the virtual lab tour event!  8 scientists from around the world will provide a tour of their lab through prerecorded video showing off their equipment, describing their experimental setup and automation techniques, and show how they fabricate fibers and photonic devices.  The demonstrations will be followed by an interactive Q/A session.

Research Labs Covered:

  • Optical Communications
  • Integrated Devices and nanophotonics
  • Fiber Drawing and optical fiber technology
  • Optical Networking
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Free Space Communications
  • RF Photonics
  • Machine Learning
  • Optical Frequency Combs and Metrology
  • Lasers and Amplfiers

More details to follow later


The Publishing Landscape: Book and journal publishing today and in the future (Room B)

Tuesday 08 December 12:00 - 13:00

Springer Nature wants your high-quality applied research content!
Join book and journal editors from Springer Nature to discuss publishing, current trends in publishing, and what the future holds. 
For books, they will cover all you need to know about the benefits of publishing, the types of publications, the publishing process, indexing, metrics, open access, and more.
For journals, they will cover the family of journals and our editorial process, with a focus on Nature Communications as well as tips for submitting. 

  • Organizers / Presenters:
  • Mary James, Senior Editor, Springer
  • Heather Partner, Senior Editor, Nature Communications

Mary James has been a Senior Acquisitions Editor at Springer in NYC since 2014. She acquires and publishes books (and formerly journals) in optical networking, communications engineering and signal processing. In previous positions, she was an Acquisitions Editor at John Wiley & Sons Publishers in NYC, where she acquired and developed computer programming, design, and emerging technology books; and an Associate Acquisitions Editor at Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier in San Francisco and Boston where she acquired books on user experience design and artificial intelligence.

PartnerH   Heather Partner has been an editor at Nature Communications since 2017 and currently handles content in the areas of optical communications, microwave and terahertz technologies, and integrated optics. She is a physicist with research experience in experimental atomic physics, photonics, and optics and laser technology.



Future developments and trends in optical networks – a perspective by the editors of the Springer Handbook of Optical Networks (Room B)

Wednesday 09 December 12:00 - 13:00

Join the five editors of the newly published Springer Handbook of Optical Networks, a collective effort of dozens of super stars in optical networking, who will host a panel to discuss questions about the trends, obstacles, and future developments in optical networking.


  • · Biswanath Mukherjee, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis, CA, USA. 
  • · Ioannis Tomkos, Professor of Optical Communications, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece.
  • · Massimo Tornatore, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano.
  • · Peter Winzer, Founder and CEO, Nubis Communications, Inc., USA
  • · Yongli Zhao, Full Professor, State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).

11th European Photonic Integration Forum at ECOC 2020 - The bigger PIC news with Kevin and Roel

Presented by ePIXfab and JePPIX

Wednesday 09 December 12:00 - 13:30


The purpose for this year’s European Photonic Integration Forum (EPIF) is to sum-up the year 2020 in terms of PIC developments and the people behind these key developments. This year is all about COVID, about our resilience as humans, and our perseverance to keep innovating despite challenges thrown on to us.

We will touch upon these aspects by interviewing four big names from the PIC industry. Broader PIC community will also join through their contributions to the program.

Total Duration:

90 min


The main part of the event will the two 30-min recorded interviews. The program will also include short vidoes by ePIXfab members and JePPIX partners to introduce recent innovations (new products, new services…).



Roel Baets

Chair of ePIXfab – the European Silicon Photonics Alliance 

Kevin William

Chair of JePPIX




Interview #1:       Interview #2:    

Cary Gunn

Founder Genalyte 


Anna Nikiel

Vice President Technobis


Danaë Delbeke

CEO, Co-Founder Indigo Diabetes

blanco Koene  

Tim Koene

CTO Effect Photonics


Short Videos:

By Various ePIXfab members and jePPIX partners