ECOC 2020 goes from “bricks to clicks”

ECOC 2020 takes place from 06 to 10 December 2020, in Brussels Belgium, but we care about your health and safety. Although we would love to see you all in person in Brussels, we work towards a hybrid ECOC 2020 conference, allowing both in-person presence as well as on-line presentation and participation. It has been a while since you had an opportunity to submit your work to a major conference in the field of optical communication and present it to a broad audience.

ECOC 2020 fills this gap! It will be the 1st event in the field post COVID-19 outbreak, it will provide a large exposure to your peers and colleagues and will provide interactivity through live Q&A and interactive sessions.

Do not hesitate to submit your paper to ECOC 2020! Submission deadline remains 28 August, with no extension!

We are also preparing an arrangement with our ECOC 2021 Bordeaux colleagues to work out some benefits in 2021 in Bordeaux for those authors presenting now, in these difficult dircumstances at ECOC 2020 Brussels.


The “46th European Conference on Optical Communication” (ECOC 2020) returns to Brussels, Belgium on 20-24 September 2020 06-10 December 2020.

ECOC is the leading European conference in the field of optical communication, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in this field. Here, the latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, demo session, keynotes, workshops and special symposia.

Parallel to the scientific conference, the ECOC exhibition covers a wide range of optical communication products and services.

Therefore, ECOC is open to a variety of interested participants like researchers and students, product developers, sales managers and telecommunication market developers. Every year this international forum attracts more than 1,400 scientists and researchers from research institutions and companies from across the world.

ECOC 2020 is organised by IMEC, the Inter-university Microelectronics Center, a world-leading independent research center in nanoelectronics and digital technology in Belgium and IPI, the Institute for Photonic Integration at Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. EUREL is owner of the registered trademark ECOC. EUREL is the Convention of National Associations of Electrical Engineers of Europe representing ten member associations in ten countries in greater Europe.

Technical sponsorship has been granted by the IEEE Photonics Society and OSA, the Optical Society.


Future editions of ECOC:

ECOC 2021 blanco Bordeaux, France
ECOC 2022   Basel, Switzerland
ECOC 2023   United Kingdom (venue TBC)
ECOC 2024   Germany (venue TBC)
ECOC 2025   Denmark (venue TBC)
ECOC 2026   Spain (venue TBC)
ECOC 2027   Italy (venue TBC)
ECOC 2028   Benelux (venue TBC)
ECOC 2029   United Kingdom (venue TBC)
ECOC 2030:   France (venue TBC)


Previous editions of ECOC:

ECOC 2019 blanco ECOC2019 blanco Dublin, Ireland
ECOC 2018   ECOC2018   Rome, Italy
ECOC 2017   ECOC2017   Goteborg, Sweden
ECOC 2016   ECOC2016   Dusseldorf, Germany
ECOC 2015    ECOC2015   Valencia, Spain
ECOC 2014   ECOC2014   Cannes, France
ECOC 2013   ECOC2013   London, UK
ECOC 2012   ECOC2012   Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECOC 2011       Geneva, Switzerland
ECOC 2010       Turin, Italy
ECOC 2009       Vienna, Austria
ECOC 2008       Brussels, Belgium
ECOC 2007       Berlin, Germany
ECOC 2006       Cannes, France
ECOC 2005       Glasgow, UK
ECOC 2004       Stockholm, Sweden
ECOC 2003       Rimini, Italy
ECOC 2002       Copenhagen, Denmark
ECOC 2001       Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECOC 2000       Munich, Germany
ECOC 1999       Nice, France
ECOC 1998       Madrid, Spain
ECOC 1997       Edinburgh, UK
ECOC 1996       Oslo, Norway
ECOC 1995       Brussels, Belgium
ECOC 1994       Firenze, Italy
ECOC 1993       Montreux, Switzerland
ECOC 1992       Berlin, Germany
ECOC 1991       Paris, France
ECOC 1990       Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECOC 1989       Goteborg, Sweden
ECOC 1988       Brighton, UK
ECOC 1987       Helsinki, Finland
ECOC 1986       Barcelona, Spain
ECOC 1985       Venice, Italy
ECOC 1984       Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECOC 1983       Geneva, Switzerland
ECOC 1982       Cannes, France
ECOC 1981       Copenhagen, Denmark
ECOC 1980       York, UK
ECOC 1979       Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECOC 1978       Genoa, Italy
ECOC 1977       Munich, Germany
ECOC 1976       Paris, France
ECOC 1975       London, UK



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